In the fall of 2014, co-founder Alexander moved from Sweden to India. The people, the scents, and the food created a life that was uniquely colorful, but there was something that troubled him. His long-gone asthma had started to come back since moving to India. He realized he was becoming another victim of air pollution.

After searching for a means to protect himself, Alex found that wearing an anti-pollution breathing mask was the most effective way. To his surprise, however, most of the face masks on the market were very basic and far from perfect in their construction. Their designs were primitive, reminiscent of the masks worn by dentists or miners. Not something you would want to wear every day.

Coming back from Asia, Alexander discussed this problem with his old friend Fredrik. Living in Sweden, clean air was something they both took for granted. Realizing that everyone can’t breathe clean and healthy air they decided to do something about it. Airinum was born.