Sports Style for All Shapes and Sizes

Carite started in Denmark in 1934 as an underwear producer. Over the years the clothing line has changed with the times and evolved from underwear to gymnastics to aerobics to today. Now, Carite boasts a complete collection of clothing designed to be beautiful and comfortable for all training activities and in a range of body types as well! We are offering Carite because of their quality and because their sizes range from a US 8 up to a US 22. 57% of women in the US wear a size 14 or larger, so it is important to us to offer a line that fits most women.

Carite is organized into three fitting categories: tight, comfort and loose. As you would expect, the tight fit sits snugly against your body to give support and enhance your technical abilities. The comfort fit is shaped to your curves with added flexibility that makes it comfortable to wear while retaining fashionable lines. The loose fit tones down the body while enhancing movement and relaxation. Carite’s goal with all three lines is to produce clothes that fit with purpose. Nothing is boxy.

All three categories balance form with function in a way that allows you to feel at ease in the yoga studio, they gym or the coffee house. This is the active line you have been looking for.

Exhale deeper with Carite.

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