Cutting-Edge Fabric, Danish Modern Aesthetic

Danish designed, Newline is the brainchild of Danish Special Forces paratrooper Helge Petersen. Active in the 1970s and 1980s, Petersen jumped in some pretty intense weather, with almost all of it leaving him soaking wet. However, his parachute was almost always dry! Most people would agree that being dry and warm when you are outdoors is preferable to wet and cold.

Armed with the precision honed by his service in the military, the attention to detail that jumping out of a plane requires and a commitment to durability, function, and comfort Newline was born in 1981. His first creation was a track suit made from parachute material. Newline has evolved since then into one of the stalwarts of Denmark, combining the minimal, Danish modern aesthetic with cutting edge fabrics and utility.

Petersen was also a dedicated runner and he wanted to apply the parachute principles to running clothes. Today, Newline has clothes for running at any time during the day, regardless of season and terrain. Newline’s workout gear is also perfectly suited for any and all gym activities from weightlifting to basketball, tennis to HIT—and everything in between. We wear Newline clothing and are constantly astounded by the combination of form and function.

Newline sizing is similar to US sizing, so if you are generally a Medium, order a Medium. If you are between two sizes, size up.

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