Burgundy Stroll Womens

Take in all that fall has to offer in this cozy, comfortable bundle. reDEW8's fantastically stretchy Örn Denim Jeans serve as the base for this outfit. Built for movement but fabulous at home chilling out, once you try on the Orn, you will be hard pressed to wear another pair of jeans. Marketed as skinny, but a better description would be snug, but not tight. Shown in Indigo Implode. The Baselayer is the Blossom Fine Merino Wool Zipneck by Ivanhoe of Sweden which is so versatile you can wear it to work, dinner or out for a run! Finally, the Alabo Hooded Poncho is perfect for sauntering through a park, pacing a sideline or an afternoon walk through the forest to Grandmother's house, just beware the wolf (or Johnny Depp). This beautiful bundle is yours for $419 as shown with Indigo Implode, or $399 with the Black Preshrunk or Indigo Preshrunk Jeans by reDEW8.