Luna Coat Windbreaker Women
Luna Coat Windbreaker Women
Luna Coat Windbreaker Women
Ivanhoe of Sweden

Luna Coat Windbreaker Women

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A lovely, sporty Windbreaker coat in a classic cut and with a nice silhouette. Made of a 3-layer quilt consisting of knitted surface material, a 60g wool padding and a highly functional wind lining.
The garment has a zipper at the front and in the side pockets. The front lock is equipped with a 2-way function and can therefore also be opened up from below. The garment is equipped with a drawstring at the bottom of the garment which allows you to easily adjust the fit.
Both the elastic drawstring and the string in the zip bollard are equipped with reflective wire. At the bottom of the sleeve, the coat is provided with a soft and flexible cuff in 100% wool.

The lining is produced by the Borås-based company FOV and is developed for activewear and made from recycled PET bottles.
The feed is highly functional and has a breathability of 35,000g / m 2 / 24h.

Both yarn and lining fabric are Blue Sign® certified, and the wool is guaranteed to be mulesing-free. The felted wool material is knitted in our own factory in Gällstad.

Material: 100% felted wool
Filling: 100% Wool
Respiration: 35000g / m2 / 24h

The wool yarn is Blue sign certified The
wool originally comes from South America and is guaranteed to be mulesing-free. The yarn is spun and dyed in Europe.

Care instructions The recipe
for success in caring for a wool sweater and keeping it nice is to air, air and air again.
Remove dirt and stains immediately when they occur and then it is best to hang the sweater outdoors on a hanger.
It is only an advantage if the weather is a bit humid outside. The wool repels dirt and breaks down bacteria and is thus self-cleaning and odorless.
When you notice that the garment has not been cleaned after a good airing, it may still be time to wash, then carefully follow the care advice that you find in the side seam.

Washing instructions
1. Air the garment.
2. Wash in a wool program, but be sure to read the washing instructions.