Return to the Gym Mens

It's time to hit the gym with this multi-purpose workout outfit bundle. The Coolskin Tee by Newline is built for running, lifting, playing tennis…you name it. The Base Trail Shorts are cut a little higher (but don’t worry, you won’t look like John Stockton) to give great range of motion for running, squat jumps, etc. And the Base Cross Pants work perfectly in winter, but are comfortable enough to lounge around in on a lazy Sunday. Finally, the Base Warmup Jacket is a great post-workout fleece or, if you're hearty, a fantastic cold weather outer layer. The shorts and pants are black, the tee and fleece are available in multiple colors. Get patriotic with beautiful reds and blues (as shown), or give a shout out to Johnny Cash and go all black. Get fully decked out for only $350.