2019 Week 1: Resolutions, Grits and Oh!!!

2019 Week 1: Resolutions, Grits and Oh!!!

We are 1000% into our New Year’s resolutions and with that comes a revamping of our Chronicles. While we will still publish big, focused pieces on some part of the Aktiv life, we will also also send out a weekly update on what’s going on. We hope this resolution will be closer to the one where you dedicate yourself to exercise and lose 15 pounds and further from the time when Ross tried leather pants (dating ourselves….) Until we can think of a pithy title we will name them them after the weeks of the year, which people tend to know in Norway. If you ask a Norwegian about something happening in the first full week of March, they will refer to it as week 10 and expect you to know what that means. It is a bit like figuring out Celsius…you have a general idea at the same time that you have no idea.

The Latest from Aktiv: We are recovering from our first Christmas blitz. We learned a lot and look forward to the next one! Leslie has a half marathon staring her in the face and is beginning to ramp up her workouts. Lots of Newline clothing for indoor and outdoor runs. Speaking of Newline, save 40% off our entire line now. Checkout code is Newline40. Nate is still recovering from his broken hand and looking forward to getting Aktiv again. He is officially sick of the treadmill.

What we are streaming: “Killing Eve” on Hulu- Sandra Oh and a great European cast drive this hilarious (but very violent) BBC production

What we are reading: Leslie is reading everything….Nate is working his way through After the Monsoon by Robert Karjel

What we are listening to: Nate is listening to the latest from Kacey Musgraves, Mumford and Sons and Brandi Carlile. Leslie is listening to Hozier (as she always does).

Best meal of the past week: Leslie made Shrimp and Grits with Wilted Spinach and it was just like being back in Charleston!

Sports matchup of the week: College Football Championship on Monday Night. Alabama v Clemson for the third time in four years. We don’t have a rooting interest so we are hoping for a close game with late drama. Our Pick: Bama....again.

Stories you might have missed: 1. Martha Stewart went to Svalbard to visit the Global Seed Vault; 2. NASA imaged Ultima Thule and it looks like a snowman; and 3. There was a donut tragedy in Kentucky

Let us know what you think of this format and our recommendations in the comment section!

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  • Michelle Brislin

    Hello! Love the format and your humor. You are so right about the Celsius thing. Need to check out Leslie’s marathon gear as I’ll be starting my own training soon. Also need to check out Killing Eve. Sounds right up our alley. We recommend Shameless. And Billions.

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