couple in norway

Our shopkeepers, Leslie and Nate, met when she interviewed him for a job as an attorney. Needless to say, he got the job and through various twists and turns they elevated their relationship while leaving the law behind, in a way.

With their two children in tow, Leslie and Nate relocated to Oslo, Norway in July 2016 and set out to discover Scandinavia and pockets of continental Europe. Through their journeys, they fell in love with Nordic style and new-to-them fashion companies. 13 months and many shopping excursions later they returned home to Denver, Colorado. After struggling to find their beloved Scandinavian clothing brands in the USA, an idea was hatched….Leslie and Nate could bring these fabulous clothes to the United States. In 2018, Aktiv was born. Since its inception, Leslie has returned to the practice of law (health insurance is important!) while Nate has lead Aktiv into it's first brick and mortar store at Stanley Marketplace in the Denver metro area. 

Here on, our shopkeepers have sourced the very best of Scandinavian activewear. Guided by a thoughtful buying philosophy, they are focused, not only on quality and style, but sustainability and responsibility.

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