Amundsen Sports

State-of-the-Art Outdoor Wear

What drives some people to visit places that most of us only dream about? Places with harsh conditions, cultures different from our own? It is this sense of exploration that drives Amundsen Sports. Co-founded by the great nephew of renowned Polar explorer Roald Amundsen, Jørgen Amundsen grew up hearing stories from his grandfather about the dedication it takes to survive in the intense cold of the Arctic. His ancestor, Roald Amundsen, went and lived with the Inuits of Canada for two winters before he set out to travel to the South Pole to become the first human to have reached both the North and the South Poles.

Flash forward to Oslo, Norway in 2009 and Jørgen and childhood buddy Erik Friis (who had competed with him in the same ski club since childhood) decided to form Amundsen Sports. Their foundation of combining tradition with innovation has inspired them to make clothing that enhances and simplifies the everyday life of those of us who spend any time outdoors. Their products are inspired by the past but built for the future with advanced technical features and state-of-the-art materials.

This attitude of learning and developing clothing to survive in extreme conditions is tempered by the élan and style of Scandinavia- culminating in clothing that is both gorgeous and useful.

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