Sheep in Norway

Here at Aktiv our buying philosophy has four main tenets: the right aesthetic, real world testing, sustainability and responsibility, and last, but not least, quality.

The Right Aesthetic

The clothes have to look great. We are focused on stylish lines that capture the minimalist Nordic feel while delivering form and function. They have to feel good on and be practical, but they can’t look ordinary. Discover our Makers.

8848 Altitude
Amundsen Sports
Moonchild Yoga Wear
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Real World Testing

We test each line of clothing before bringing it online. We wear it at the gym, on the trail and in the coffee house. While it is not testing to the level of NASA, we try a variety of pieces so that we can personally evaluate and write about it.

Sustainability & Responsibility

Along with style and practicality, we have made a concerted effort to select companies focused on sustainability and responsibility. The companies we have partnered with share our goal of keeping the environmental impact of the clothing industry at a minimum. Our companies also view worker conditions as the highest priority and ensure that the factory setting is one that promotes equality and fair pay.


The quality of the clothing clinches its inclusion on our site; the items are designed and manufactured to be worn for years. Part of what makes the fashion industry the second highest industrial polluter in the world (behind the energy industry) is that most clothing is disposable. A consumer buys an article designed for mass consumption; its made of cheap material that is guaranteed to wear out just in time for you to buy the next season's line. This revolving wardrobe movement is wasteful and something we at Aktiv hope to combat. If you buy one of our items, you should expect to get years of use out of it. That accounts for a slightly higher price point, but if you consider buying 10 items at a slightly higher cost that last five times longer, you come out ahead. Better for your pocketbook, and better for our planet.

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