We Norwegians

We Norwegians produces its clothes in Europe. Not necessarily because the clothes made there are better than anywhere else in the world, but simply because there are strict regulations protecting workers. There are also regulations on farming and keeping livestock, plus there are strict regulations for chemical use and the release of chemicals into nature.

We Norwegians uses biodegradable materials, wool especially. Wool is a miracle of nature with natural capabilities that are completely mind-blowing! There are very few cultures or nationalities that use wool more than Norwegians.

We Norwegians creates designs that are beautiful, clothes that people want to wear for a long time and combine in a number of ways. 

We Norwegians works outside of the borders of Norway, which makes the expression and name of the label extremely important. The name, We Norwegians, is meant to be inclusive; it stands for the values that Norwegians are known forpeace, tolerance, equal rights, and democracy.