Leslie and Nate's 2023 Gift Guide
Cue the Mariah Carey and track down which streaming service is showing "Love, Actually" (It is Netflix!!) for the holidays are upon us once more. This year, Leslie and I sat down and picked out a few items for all...
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Wool in Summer
Spring has sprung and the thermostat is starting to rise. As we enter the hot (and even hotter) months I am reminded of a chat I had with an employee in a clothing shop in Oslo the second summer we...
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Why we love....Ivanhoe!
Short answer....their wool Longer answer: Who is Ivanhoe of Sweden? Ivanhoe of Sweden was founded in Gällstad in 1946 by Martin Göthager in the heart of the Swedish knitting industry. Since then, the company has remained in the Göthager family...
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