Swedish Magicians Bring the Very Best to Outdoor Wear

    The foundation of the Houdini Sportswear design philosophy is to do more with less. Aktiv embraces Houdini's view that the world needs fewer but better products. A smarter system where a smaller number of products provide a wider range of use. More climbing, more skiing, more hiking. Less environmental impact. Hooded sweatshirts designed for the trail but perfectly at home in the office or cafe.

    Sustainable design is so much more than just using low impact materials and technologies. It’s also about designing garments with high versatility: repairable, recyclable, timeless. Houdini has a holistic approach to design, where environmental aspects work hand in hand with comfort and performance.

    Discover our curated collection of Houdini Sportswear's most beloved garments. Award-winning, sustainable outdoor wear for men and women.

    Photo by Emrik Jansson, Svartisen National Park, Norway

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