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    Family-owned Swedish Goodness

    Ivanhoe launched in 1946 when Martin Göthager opened his business in Gällstad, a knitting village nestled in Western Sweden. From humble beginnings, the company has blossomed under the helm of a third-generation of GöthagersAnders, Anna, and Karin. That feeling of family permeates the factory and influences every piece of clothing they produce.

    Wool has been the focus of Ivanhoe from the beginning and while that amazing natural fiber continues to be the bedrock of Ivanhoe’s brand, they have brought additional fibers into the fold to give their clothing more flexibility and looks. Now Tencel, Lavalan, and organic cotton are used to enhance Ivanhoe’s wool garments.

    Sustainable fashion is Ivanhoe’s goal. The use of wool, which has a small carbon footprint, is the linchpin in this strategy. World-class construction, timeless styles, and wool's flexibility as a fiber mean that Ivanhoe products last longer. In addition, since Merino wool is odor-resistant and anti-bacterial, you simply need to hang up your garment after wearing and it will be good as new the next time you put it on. That means fewer trips through the laundry, which means less water usage. Less laundering makes these clothes great for longer trips too, if you are on a two-week voyage, pack your wool, air it out and you can bring a carry-on instead of checking a 50 lb suitcase.

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