A Long December

A Long December

It is no secret that Counting Crows is one of my favorite bands and "A Long December" is one of my favorite songs.* It captures the gravity of what we go through in a year (individually and as a collective) with an optimistic eye towards the turning calendar. Steven Hyden, who is a great follow on Twitter, wrote a fantastic piece breaking down the many meanings of "A Long December", check it out here.

As we "laugh a little slower" and "talk a little lower", here are our thoughts on 2021:

On the Aktiv front, we have had a great first full year in our shop at Stanley Marketplace. Nate enjoys chatting with visitors to the store and regaling them about our time in Norway and the wonders of the clothing from the Nordic countries. A few highlights included our spot on the Today Show with Rumpl and bringing new brands to the US market like Jumperfabriken and Polyver. We continue to take pride in bringing the very best in Scandinavian clothing to America! Nate even has a quick trip planned to Sweden for mid-January, fingers crossed that it happens.

Challenges have been plentiful as supply chain disruptions play havoc with our inventory. While Aktiv has received at least something from each of our wonderful Makers, full shipments have been hard to find and deliveries that began in October continue to this day. We appreciate our customers' patience as we attempt to quickly fulfill every request. Our Makers recognize that these circumstances may not ease in the new year so they have requested orders for next Fall/Winter earlier than ever before. We have basically ordered our next inventory before we received many of our current items!

On a personal level, it was amazing to travel and visit family after far too long an absence. It was also spectacular to see live music again(including Counting Crows!!!).  In addition, Chelsea FC won the Champions League in dramatic fashion!!! 

From an entertainment perspective a few of our favorites from 2021 were (in no particular order):

Spider-Man: No Way Home


Tick Tick... Boom!

The Beatles: Get Back

Yellowstone; and,

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The Aktiv crew thanks you for your support throughout 2021 and wish you a safe and happy 2022!

Exert. Explore. Exhale.


*Although not my #1 song by them...that will always be "Anna Begins"

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