Accelerate and Expand Your Streaming Life

A major component of every Zoom call, whether business or personal, is the sharing of the streaming list. "What are you watching?" "How many seasons and on what platform?"

It seems that the recommendations can be broken into three groups:

Mainstream- The hottest current shows

What we recommend: "Killing Eve", "Ozark" 

What is in our queue: "Peaky Blinders", "Yellowstone" and "Succession"

Vintage- Completed series, ready to binged from beginning to end.

What we recommend: "The Wire", "Friday Night Lights" and "Catastrophe"

What is in our queue: "Madmen"

Specialized- Favorites from around the world.

What we recommend: "Beforeigners", "Sunderland Til I Die"

What is in our queue: "Trapped" (from Iceland)

Let the Streaming Commence!

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