Aktiv is Opening at Stanley Marketplace

Aktiv is Opening at Stanley Marketplace

We are so proud to announce that Aktiv's new home will be at Stanley Marketplace in Aurora, Colorado. We have been thinking about opening a shop since before we started aktivstyle.com but the right opportunity wasn't there. Now, we will be nestled between the Stanley Beer Hall (home of the two-time Denver Burger Battle winner) and Cheluna Brewing Company...perfection!

We have lots of work ahead of us and look forward to showing off our new space at the beginning of September. Our hope is to capture the aesthetic of the fantastic clothing shops from Northern Europe that planted the seed for Aktiv when we lived in Oslo. 

We also understand that we are opening in the midst of a global pandemic. With that in mind we will make cleanliness paramount as well as open our space up to non-traditional shopping experiences. One way to do this is to block off an hour or so before and after our regular hours (which we are still figuring out) where customers can reserve time to shop while the store is closed. Think of it as being able to schedule time, reserve some items and get to know all of our 24 Scandinavian brands. The reservation calendar will be available in mid to late August.


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