From Norway to the USA

From Norway to the USA

We lived in Oslo, Norway for a year and used it as a jumping off point to tour Scandinavia. Through our travels we walked, hiked, soaked in the culture and shopped. We were surprised at the incredibly high quality of the clothing. Brands like Moonchild Yoga Wear, 8848 Altitude, and Amundsen produce fantastic items that functionally could hold up on hiking trails, but are also comfortable and stylish enough for coffee houses. When we returned we sought out the brands we loved but struggled to find them. So, we decided to bring them to the United States. We have collected the very best from Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. Our advice is to grab a strong cup of coffee, or a cup of tea, and browse the very best activewear in the world.

Ha det bra!!!




  • Aimee Bernard

    Is there any chance I could try on the knickerbockers before I order a pair? They look awesome! I am worried that if they look ridiculous on me (short with junk in the trunk) I just spent some serious $ on pants I might not wear…. ??

  • Karen Axvig

    I’m excited to shop and wear the Scandinavian clothing!

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