What a rollercoaster....With 2020 fully in our rear view mirror along with a failed insurrection, we have a tingle of optimism. We know that January will be awful on the virus front and the vaccine rollout has been far from smooth but we feel a comeback mounting.

It could be the afterglow of MLK day or the fact that it is Dolly Parton's birthday (Yeah!) or tomorrow's Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris but we believe that some of the themes from last year could be used as a springboard to an even better tomorrow.

Get Outdoors

A positive of the lockdown from last spring was a return to the outdoors. Americans visited National Parks, went for extended hikes and rediscovered the outside in record numbers. We have found that our customers are looking for ways to include outdoor activity into their daily routines.

Travel Will Return

We haven't been on a plane in a year....a new record. We look to return to our travels ASAP. Until the world fully reopens we have been busy making plans along with virtually traveling through shows. For Italy, we loved the second season of Master of None (allora...) on Netflix.  To get your Paris fix check out Emily in Paris and Lupin on Netflix. Spain (or at least the inside of the Mint) can be visited via Money Heist on Netflix. For Scandinavia, we found this article to be a great way to see Norway right now. Borgen is on our list for a Danish political thriller...also on Netflix. Ted Lasso on Apple+ is a wonderful series with a glorious London setting. We just started Mr. Mayor on Peacock and it is a nice tour of Los Angeles while Little Voice shows off New York City and can be found on Apple+. Please let us know what you have been watching!

Tackle Injustice

Last summer's protests spawned a rededication to tearing down the systemic walls that have held back too many Americans of color for too long. We have seen companies, organizations and citizens move from indifference to action and create real momentum for the cause of equality. This must continue.

While these topics are weighty, they are critical to getting us on the path where we can write about our favorite recipes, big sports matchups and various entertainment selections...a bit like a "Return to Drivel".

Be Safe, Stay Strong and Exert. Explore. Exhale.


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