Is Oslo the Best Place to be a Child? (Weeks 24-25)

Is Oslo the Best Place to be a Child? (Weeks 24-25)

The Latest from Aktiv: As Nate last mentioned, I took the kids to visit friends from Norway in Spain and in Oslo, Norway. This was not a sight-seeing trip to Spain; instead, it was time to reconnect with friends- happily in beautiful, warm and sunny Valencia. The land of citrus groves, olives, jámbon, fresh fish, and beaches. Morning runs along the water canals that irrigate the groves were a peaceful, fun way to greet the day.

In Oslo, it was also a time to meet a new arrival, beautiful baby girl E, and rejoice in returning to our home away from home in Norway. Each child was able to go to their old school spending time with their friends and teachers, and remember what life was like in wet, rainy (with patches of brilliant sun) Oslo. 

To be a child in Oslo, is to be outdoors. No matter where you are in the city and surrounding area you are never very far from water, hills and greenery. The very first place the kids wanted to visit was the Norsk Folkemuseum (or Folk Museum) on Bygdøy. A (largely) outdoor museum celebrating 125 years in existence with buildings transplanted from all over Norway and representing different periods of time (one of the buildings is over 800 years old) the kids learn about how different modern life is and that windows are a great invention. It was tur dag (tour day) for many of the local schools- a tradition of weekly field trips/adventures that usually involve their class wandering out to their forest school, cooking hotdogs (pølse) and drinking hot chocolate. Pouring rain? Sleeting? No problem, just make sure you have your raincoat, rain pants and rain boots. The emphasis on mental health and movement seems to make for some very happy, well adjusted children.

Any plans for you for summer?

What we are streaming: Nate binged watched Chernobyl in my absence. Taughtly written by Craig Mazin, I’m going to have to find time to watch it. Confession time; I’m not the best at streaming tv shows by myself... I get distracted by knitting or books.

What was the best meal of the week (ok the last month): In Spain, it was in Torrevieja, a seafood paella, with delicious wine and fantastic company... or maybe it was the grilled fish and lamb... In Norway, it was most definitely the fresh caught wild salmon.

Sports this week: Congratulations to the Toronto Raptors- love that after the US markets have dominated hockey, Canada is taking a page and unseating the amazing Golden State Warriors. Also, congrats to the St. Louis Blues for outlasting the Bruins and hoisting the Cup. For those scoring at home...Aktiv predicted both champions a month ago. I wonder who we will pick next??

Best things this week: The Washington Post is starting a new travel page, devoted to exploring cities like a local. There aren’t a ton of cities in the blog, but it definitely worth checking out. I read the one on Copenhagen and was impressed. The Summer Solstice is coming! This is a huge deal in Sweden- Midsommarafton and Midsommardagen - Midsummer Night's Eve and Midsummer Day signal the start of summer and ties Swedes to traditions that are thousands of years old. Finland, Norway, Denmark and Iceland also celebrate the longest day of the year. Starting a bonfire here in Denver won't work- but we will find a way to celebrate!

Item of the week: Buy a bag from SANDQVIST or Thule and get 20% off the rest of your purchase! Use code: Backpack25.

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