Leslie and Nate's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Leslie and Nate's 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

Cue the Mariah Carey and track down which streaming service is showing "Love, Actually" (It is Peacock!!) for the holidays are upon us once more. This year, Leslie and I sat down and picked out a few items for all of the people on your shopping list.  

Ace of Base

Scandinavians build every outfit from the base layers out, so we thought we would start there.  For women, Kari Traa sets the standard with all kinds of tops and bottoms. Leslie recommends the Rose Hood and High Waisted Pants (see below). You can find all of the base layers for her here.

Woman wearing merino wool hood and pants

For men, Nate's go-to is the kit from Odlo both top and bottom as the wool blend gives an additional bit of warmth. We have a wide selection of men's base layer varieties here.

Vestivus for the Rest of Us.

Vests might be our favorite article of clothing...so versatile and stylish.  Nate's current favorite is the L.I.M. Down Vest by Haglofs (see below). Our most popular vest for men is the gorgeous merino Assar vest by Ivanhoe. Leslie's latest obsession are the new colors in the Eva Down Vest by Kari Traa 

Sweater Song

Are we humming the Weezer song right now?? Yep. We have a wide array of sweaters for men and women this year and one for everybody on your shopping list:

If their favorite Billy Joel song is "The Downeaster Alexa" then...consider the Anchor Rollneck;

If they are interested in an executive hockey sweater, the Boiled Laced Hoodie by Amundsen is the answer, check it out for men and women;

Some people prefer their sweater to zip fully and we understand that...for women the Morel is amazing while for men, we love the Moritz;

Others prefer their zipper to only be half and for that we love the Signature Zipup for men and women by We Norwegians in Extra Fine Merino...it is like butter!

Not interested in Zippers? Leslie loves her Karin Cardigan from Jumperfabriken (see below)

True Originals

Let's face it...some people are hard to buy for. We are here to help. 

For those with sustainability on the mind, the Undyed wool collection by Ivanhoe is perfect in a men's half-zip, women's crew, a hat, leg-warmers (!!!) and the cutest poncho we have seen...check out the details about Undyed wool on the product pages!

For the people on your list that have everything....consider a beer blanket either  individually or in a six pack, we would hazard a guess they don't have one of those!

For those that like something different we have our Only at Aktiv section which highlights the brands we carry that are almost impossible to find in the United States.  A few items of note are the pajamas from Dagsmejan, the camping supplies from Kupilka and everything from Iceland's own, 66North

That about wraps it up from us but if you have specific requests, please drop us an email at aktiv@aktivstyle.com and we will find something for everyone on your list!!


(Post credits scene...)

Two more items from us--the Voss Sweater for women and the Telluride Wool Shirt for Men

Enjoy and remember,"There is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing."

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