Memorial Day Reflections and a Few Recommendations

Memorial Day Reflections and a Few Recommendations

This coming Monday, May 25th, is Memorial Day in the United States. The History Channel has a succinct summary of the evolution of this day of remembrance, initially named Decoration Day. This holiday where we pay tribute to those members of the United States Armed Forces who made the ultimate sacrifice carries even more gravity this year.  Not only do many of us have more time to contemplate the individual and shared loss, we are faced with an opportunity to act (many for the first time) for the common good. While we are not staring down Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg or storming the beaches at Normandy our shared fight to overcome COVID-19 will likely be the defining moment of these times. Many of us have spent the last ten weeks generally confined to our homes with very little outside human interaction. It hasn't taken heroic bravery, rather, an understanding that the inconvenience, uncomfortableness and Groundhog Day-esque daily repetition is minimizing the virus' deadly effect. Whether it has been enough, too much or worth the economic consequences are questions that will be better answered in the coming years. As we slowly re-open we implore you to think about your actions, limit your exposure and wear a mask to protect you and others.


onto the good stuff. 

Movies/TV: We started watching "Never Have I Ever" on Netflix and it is amazing. We continue to move through "Brooklyn 99" and enjoyed the season finale of "The Masked Singer". For something very intense, we highly recommend the movie "Whiplash" from a few years ago. #notquitemytempo 

Sports this week: We felt more than a little spoiled by all of the German football and NASCAR on TV last weekend. Even without fans, it was thrilling to watch competitive sports again. In addition, the finale of "The Last Dance" on ESPN was as good as a Jordan fadeaway. If you haven't watched it (we are a little jealous)... you should really track it down on ESPN+ or soon, on Netflix. 

Best thing we ate this week: Salmon on Syttnede Mai! (Norwegian Constitution Day.) We used this New York Times Recipe, which is fantastic.


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