October!!! The leaves are changing and our streaming game is top notch.

October!!! The leaves are changing and our streaming game is top notch.

October is here and while it is currently in the 80s in Denver, you can feel fall is right around the corner. We are five weeks into our shop being open at Stanley Marketplace and we are very happy with our decision. The pandemic has certainly affected the amount of visitors we have had but the support and feedback we have received from our customers has been very encouraging. If you live in the Denver metro area, please stop in when you feel the time is right for you.

Now...on to the good stuff. 

Movies/TV: We really enjoyed "Ted Lasso" on AppleTV+. Jason Sudeikis' stranger in a strange land (and sport) is funny, heartwarming and relatable. In a year when cynicism is almost as contagious as COVID-19, this show makes things a little brighter. Also on AppleTV+ (but with more of a gray tinge) is "Little Voice" which is also quite good. We actually went to the movies last month and saw "Tenet" and it was definitely worth it! 

Sports this week: The NBA finals are ongoing and while the Lakers are menacing, we are all in on the Heat (and not just because Lebron and the crew bounced our beloved Nuggets from the bubble). Jimmy Butler is a leader of men and Tyler Herro feels like the future...and maybe the present. They are a lot of fun!  As all of you know Thursday is a huge day for the Norwegian National Football team as they play Serbia in a playoff for a chance to go to the EURO 2021 tourney next summer. It is the biggest match for Norway in 20 years. Go NORGE!!!!

Music: Arlo McKinley's "Die Midwestern" is in heavy rotation. It is macabre and thoughtful and catchy if music can be all three?  We are anticipating Bruce Springsteen's new album, which is out at the end of the month as well. You can't beat the Boss.

Reading Recommendations:  1. The Lager Queen of Minnesota by J. Ryan Stradal is a slice of Midwestern Americana...and also about beer; and 2. A longer read on the genius of "Best in Show".

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