One crazy year

One crazy year

This past Friday marked the one year anniversary of the lockdown. In a way it has flown by in a flurry of masks, binged shows and hand-washing (and wringing). On the other hand, it feels like five years since we have hosted friends for dinner, met someone for a coffee or been on a plane. 

Collectively, our lives haven't paused- kids continue to grow and matriculate while trying to make sense of the world. We are right there with them. While COVID has inflicted mass amounts of pain, anguish and illness...the isolation, which for many has been the worst part of the pandemic, is likely to be something we will be unpacking for some time. When the world really re-opens, which we hope will be in May or June, we look forward to checking in with everyone!

On the business side, we can't thank you enough for your support during this time. We made the bold move to open our brick and mortar and are so happy to have a space of our own to highlight the best of Scandinavia. We have expanded our small business and now have three additional employees! They are the best!!! If you are in the Denver area, please stop into the Stanley Marketplace and say hi! (OK, no more exclamation points in this blog.)#probablynottrue

We are still waiting on our spot in the vaccination line but think it could take place within the next 3 weeks. We are also doing more normal things like tracking the Oscar Nominations and trying to see everything before the awards are given. We also filled out NCAA brackets for the first time in two year. Feel free to join our Yahoo Tournament Pick'em for Aktiv. Good luck!

What we are watching: We binged "Yellowstone" and loved it. Every Sunday night we have been virtually traveling to Italy with our new friend, Stanley Tucci, in his amazing series, "Searching for Italy". #allora. As mentioned above, we are in Oscar season and have been moving through the nominations. Favorites include, "One Night in Miami" and "The Trial of the Chicago 7". We look forward to comparing them to "Nomadland","Minari" and others. 

Sports: While March Madness starts on Thursday, we will have our eyes glued on the pitch this week as our two favorite teams, Chelsea and Molde, look for European glory, go blues!!!


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  • Judi Rana

    We’ve loved our Aktiv winter-wear— purchased probably almost a year ago… sent new customers your way… and we love (!) any reason to use exclamation marks! So glad you “made it” through the worst! We’ll be in to see you soon! Judi and Shaz

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