Oslo 2023

Oslo 2023

I returned to Oslo for the first time in almost five years to be a city transformed in some quarters while the same in others. Our family lived in Oslo in 2016-2017 and I was back for a quick visit with brands in 2018. Since then the city has opened three distinct destinations, the Munch Museum, the Deichman Library and the National Museum. All three bustle but in different ways. 

I arrived in Oslo via train from Gothenburg on the VY line into the Sentralstasjon. After a short walk through the station I found my way to the Thon Opera Hotel where I would be staying. The Thon is nicely appointed and fantastically functional, and their breakfast buffet is hard to beat. The Thon is across the street from the new Deichman Library and in between the Munch and National Museum. It is a great location to check out all three along with the Opera House from which it gets it's name.  

On my first day, I had meetings in Lysaker so I headed west before paying a visit to some of our old stomping ground in the Majorstua neighborhood. Lunchtime brought me together with Oyvind, one of the owners of We Norwegians and found us at one of mine and Leslie's favorite restaurants, Delicatessen. The tapas place was as good as I remembered and sent us on our way down Bogstadveien, which is one of the classic shopping districts of Oslo and home to the brand new Amundsen flagship store. We popped into the new shop and stumbled across Jörgen Amundsen, founder of the brand. We chatted about all things Amundsen and I got a sneak peek of what they are offering next winter...no shock, it looks amazing.

Later that afternoon I stepped into the Deichman which is equal parts community center, library and multimedia workshop. It is also an impressive structure that plays off the Opera house that is across the street. Speaking of, dinner was with an old friend at the Sanguine Brasserie within the Opera and it was lovely!

The next day found me in a meeting in Asker. On the train ride out west again I thought about how seamless the transportation is in the Oslo metro area. A rider can virtually get from any corner of the town to any other in about 20 minutes without a lot of walking. Ruter, the organization that runs the metro transit has enhanced their app too, so now all you need is your phone as your ticket which is brilliant!

After my meeting I returned to the Nationaltheatret part of Oslo which is just north of the National Museum. A quick visit to the museum, which is massive, thoughtful and modern was followed by lunch on Aker Brygge at the Louise Restaurant where I enjoyed one of my favorite dishes in the entire world, fisksuppe!

The afternoon took me to the other side of the Oslo Fjord to the Munch Museum (Shown Photo by Jack White on Unsplash) which is an imposing, stark building. The Munch is dedicated to the life of the artist and is equal parts biographical and a thorough review of his work. 

After that stop it was one last journey back up the Holmenkollen line (Metro #1) to the Vinderen neighborhood where we lived during our time there. The neighborhood was quite snowy but very much the same down to the display in the local Baker Hansen bakery. It made me nostalgic for our magical year in Norway and very reflective of our time in Oslo and the new path it put us on. I can't wait for my next trip back!



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