So this is April

So this is April

We are on day 21 of social distancing.

Trying to carry on as close to normal as we can, but can only imagine the stress on our fellow humans, especially those in the health care field and those in previously unrecognized essential services - such as everyone in the food industry. #thankyou

What we are up to:

Making Homemade Gnocchi for the first time... a real success! It requires some extra time on the bike. Leslie went for a run in our 70 degree sun yesterday. That has been replaced by freezing sleet and expected snow here in the Denver area. We are trying to not think about the lost skiing time. Or the cancelled trip to New Orleans. Right now we are squarely in the "exhale" part of #ExertExploreExhale.

Happy Hour with the Barefoot Contessa (yikes!) Care to share your happy hour favorites?

Watching homebound music with Hamilton, Dave Matthews, Jennifer Hudson ("Memory" starts around 23 and the Garth Brooks Gershwin Award Ceremony from earlier this year. And if you haven't seen it, this is our absolute favorite - talk about productive use of extended family time!

And Leslie is knitting as much as she can in between work and exercise. A few years ago, she started referring to knitting as her post-apocalyptic life skill.  This is less funny today.

Yes... we watched two episodes of the "Tiger King", not proud.  

Without sports, Nate has revisited FIFA and he is still not good. #american

Stay, Stay, and Stay Home!


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