Week 10: Climbin', Workin', Space-walkin'

Week 10: Climbin', Workin', Space-walkin'

The Latest from Aktiv: We are busy planning our Spring rollout. Our new products should be arriving this month. We look forward to posting all the best of warm weather gear from Scandinavia.

What we are streaming: Netflix added a Canadian show, "Workin' Moms". It is a hilarious, salty look at motherhood in the modern era. Extra points if you hear an "eh"! We watched "Free Solo" this past weekend. It was a riveting, gorgeously set film about perseverance, focus and a dash of craziness. Check it out! 

What we are listening to: "Drive' by R.E.M. was recorded 27 years ago this week. Nate has been doing a deep dive on Michael Stipe and the rest of the Athens crew while Leslie quaintly listens to Hozier.

Sports matchup of the week: On the European Football front, Arsenal takes on Manchester United on Sunday morning. Speaking of old school rivalries, the Lakers and Celtics play Saturday night with both teams sharing a seat on the struggle bus. Lebron could miss the playoffs for the first time since his rookie season if the Lake Show doesn't start clicking.

Best things we read this week: 1. Later this month, NASA will conduct a groundbreaking space-walk; 2. This could be the high point for Minnesota sports for the century; and 3. Topher Grace has produced a Star Wars trailer that encompasses the entire film universe...and it is unbelievable!

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