Week 12- Six days into Social Distancing

Week 12- Six days into Social Distancing

Hello again.

We are on day six of social distancing and besides a few foreseeable sibling squabbles and some spirited discussions about loading the dishwasher, things are as normal (mostly) as can be. 

Highlights from the past few days:

-discovering 4 rolls of Toilet Paper under the guest room sink!

-This exchange from the Cuomo brothers and who is "Mom's favorite" is gold;

-Erik Larson's latest book on Winston Churchill is really good and an amazing profile of leadership.

A To-do list for the week:

-Unplug from COVID-19 coverage for a few hours each day. While it is important to stay informed, the news cycle is redundant and you won't miss anything if you turn Anderson Cooper off for a while.

-If you have some downtime reach out to friends and family and say "hi", especially your elders. Whether it is a text or FaceTime/Skype, it is very important to keep in contact with each other.

-Floss (always good advice)

- and maybe learn a new life skill, Leslie recommends knitting!

Take Care,

Leslie & Nate


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