Week 12: College Basketball, Catastrophe and Cattivella

Week 12: College Basketball, Catastrophe and Cattivella

The Latest from Aktiv: Are your brackets ready for March Madness? Nate has pencilled in Duke, Florida State, Kentucky and Tennessee for the Final Four. Join our Yahoo Bracket Group for a chance to win an Aktiv water bottle. This will be 31st year in a row that Nate has put his responsibilities to the side to watch the first day of the tourney. #lifegoals

What we are streaming: "Catastrophe" is back on Amazon Prime. Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney are uncomfortably awesome in this couples comedy set in London. The best thing about this four season series is that there are only 24 episodes. Hardly a burdensome commitment. 

What was the best meal of the week: Cattivella in Northeast Denver is incredible. We went there with friends last week and loved everything we had from this Italian juggernaut.

Sports this week: Not sure if you heard...but March Madness starts on Thursday. Check it out on the Turner family of networks, including our favorite, TruTV--it is the best and the Real or Fake TruTV segment on Sportscenter is hilarious!

Best things we read this week: 1. Norway has recovered from the "Tallest Moose" loss and comeback strong with the World's Tallest Timber Building (take that Canada); 2. "Avengers: Endgame" is less than six weeks away, if you need to brush up on your MCU, check out this viewing guide; and 3. Do you want to stay in shape and increase your endurance??? Take a hike!



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