Week 15 and 16: Thrones, BBQ Bones and no more Boom Cyclones

Week 15 and 16: Thrones, BBQ Bones and no more Boom Cyclones

The Latest from Aktiv: It has been a busy few weeks for Nate. After taking in the Final Four in Minneapolis (which was incredible), he was back in Denver for less than 24 hours before leaving early to Nashville to miss the Return of Boom Cyclone. Nashville was unreal and well worth consideration as a destination, more on that in our next travel Chronicle.  We are continuing to add lines, check out Kari Traa and summer styles and are looking forward to the heat! Winter could be in the rearview mirror but we have a sinking suspicion that we will see snow at least one more time in Colorado before the 90 degree temps arrive.

On a serious note, we were shaken by the fire at Notre Dame this week. We visited it in October of 2016 and happened upon an evening Vespers service that inspired awe. We hope the people of Paris (and the world) rebuild and recover.

What we are streaming: We aren't streaming....just watching "Game of Thrones" once a week like the rest of humanity. "Killing Eve" is in the on-deck circle, while Nate laughs his way through the second season of "Barry". 

What was the best meal of the week: BBQ at Martin's in Nashville. Unreal ribs, brisket, pulled pork, chicken, wings....you get the idea.

Sports this week: NBA and NHL playoffs are in full swing and we are hoping for deep runs for both the Nugs and the Avs. Meanwhile in England, the Prem is winding down and Man City and Liverpool are engaged in a historic race for the title. The Cityzens face a tough week with Tottenham on this Saturday and then the Manchester Derby next Wednesday while the Reds face two of the worst in the league, Huddersfield and Cardiff. Could this be the year that Liverpool wins its first Premier League title?

Reading: Easter is this Sunday. In Norway, the tradition is to purchase a murder mystery Nordic Noir book and spend Easter Sunday reading it. Jo Nesbo is the best known current Norsk writer and his Harry Hole series is a great read. Nesbo takes Hole around the globe but also shows off Oslo in several selections. 

Best things we read this week: 1. The Masters champ is from Norway...checks notes....the Masters Amateur champ is from Norway-still not too shabby; 2. It isn't an article, but we are very excited for December 19, 2019!; and 3. Returning to the Thrones, this is a great recap that almost had us Ben Wyatt-level excited for the return.



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