Week 2: The (Half) Marathon Strikes Back

The Latest from Aktiv: Leslie is packing her bags and heading to Florida to grind out 13.1 miles at the Disney Half-marathon. Her training, in her own words, has been inadequate, so hopefully she doesn't kill herself. Check our Instagram profile for updates from the road! The kids are back in school and we are awaiting the winter snow storms, the more the better. The Golden Globes have us adding new shows to our to-do lists and wishing we could hang with Jeff Bridges for a spell, man. (Well, one of us.)

What we are streaming: We are moving through "Killing Eve" with "Roma" waiting in the wings. Sandra Oh is completely believable in her role as Eve. We are undecided about "Birdbox", anyone seen it?

What we are listening to: Nate is listening to Frank Turner, Dan Wilson and the Turnpike Troubadours; Leslie is listening to Swedish duo First Aid Kit, check these ladies out if you're a fan of Americana (that's right- hard to believe they're from Stockholm) or singer-songwriters. 

Best meal of the past week: Leslie made pan-seared Norwegian Salmon with fennel and Pernod...Fenomenal!

Sports matchup of the week: NFL Playoffs! All for matchups are intriguing, but we are focused on the Chargers v. Patriots. We are pulling for Phillip and the Bolts to sunset the season for the Patriots! 

A few things we saw this week of note: 1. Before Norway sent oil to England, they shipped ice from the Fjords...just like in "Frozen"; 2. Matpakke- the Norwegian packed lunch unifies the country; and, 3. A look at the Indiana Jones movies through the specter of modern film as the series moves to Netflix.

Have a great week!

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  • Michelle Brislin

    Birdbox- worth watching if just to make the memes more enjoyable. Good luck, Leslie!

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