Week 21: Bye to Snow and Game of Thrones; Hello to Shorts and Fleabag!

Week 21: Bye to Snow and Game of Thrones; Hello to Shorts and Fleabag!

The Latest from Aktiv: Snow in Denver on May 21st...we are officially ready for summer. Speaking of, we have one child who has finished school for the year and the other is in the home stretch. Then the kids are off (with Leslie) to Europe for a stop in Spain and then onto Norway to visit friends!  What are your summer plans? 

What we are streaming: Spoiler alert...at least one of us liked the "Game of Thrones" finale. We have found the strength to move on and return to streaming "Killing Eve" with Sandra Oh, which we truly love.  Nate has finished "Barry" and moved into the second season of "Fleabag" on Amazon Prime Video, which could be the quirkiest thing ever.

What was the best meal of the week: Our son requested Roast Chicken for his birthday and Leslie delivered. It was perfection, especially on a snowy night.

Sports this week: We are awaiting the Stanley Cup final- Go BLUES, while we are thoroughly enjoying the Eastern Conference Final in the NBA. On the Futbal front, Nate's favorite Liga MX team, Leon, is in the finals! #VamosFiera

Best things we read this week: 1. The New York Times has 15 European bands you should check out, including Sweden's Pop-Punk, Viagra Boys (nice name...); 2. A fitting dedication at Fort Snelling in Minnesota honors the "Vikings", a World War II ski battalion; and 3. Drew Magary, who we love for his biting snark and fitting sendup of Williams-Sonoma's annual Christmas catalog, wrote about his harrowing brain injury and subsequent rehab and recovery.

Item of the week: Knickers!!! Amundsen delivers the Vagabond Knickerbockers for men (shown below) and women.  





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