Week 26-27: Women's World Cup, Dead to Me and Spidey!

Week 26-27: Women's World Cup, Dead to Me and Spidey!

The Latest from Aktiv: Summer is here and it is finally hot in Denver. We are busy filling out orders for next Spring and Summer (if you can believe it) and looking forward to the arrival of our Fall and Winter clothing which should start to appear next month (also....hard to believe).

What we are streaming: Nate has been crushing through series as of late-- "Dead to Me" with Christina Applegate was particularly good, albeit very dark. We are still working our way through "Killing Eve" and liking it but it is suffering from the sophomore slump syndrome. 

Sports this week: Sunday is the final of the Women's World Cup from Lyon, France and we are pumped. Wimbledon is also underway and with baseball into its second half of the season we start to care a little more.

Summer Movies: We have been to several. We really liked the nostalgia of "Toy Story 4" and "Yesterday" (a great introduction to the Beatles for our kids); "Spiderman: Far from Home" is a hilarious extension of the Marvel story oozing with teenage uncomfortableness; and, we are looking forward to "The Lion King", "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" and the Boss-inspired, "Blinded by the Light".

Best things we read this week: 1. We knew that Norwegians were restless but this polar fox takes it to the next level; 2. Some guy declares war on backpacks...lame; and, 3. it hailed a little in Guadalajara, Mexico this week....insert Margarita on the rocks joke here.


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