Week 28-29: Duluth, Red Rocks and Halibut!!!

Week 28-29: Duluth, Red Rocks and Halibut!!!

The Latest from Aktiv: We were on the road last week for a family reunion in Duluth and had a great time getting to know the Lake Superior region of Minnesota. Highlights were the Split Rock Lighthouse and the waterfront in Duluth. Our Fall/Winter is slated to begin arriving and we are making room for some great stuff. We also made our annual pilgrimage to Red Rocks to see a show. Head and the Heart were stellar on a beautiful Colorado summer night. #RiversandRoads #notRibbonsandbows

What we are streaming: Nate watched "Molly's Game" and was throughly impressed. We are methodically working our way through "Killing Eve" while contemplating dipping our toe into the quirky 80's-fest, "Stranger Things." We shall see...

Sports this week: We are still reeling from all of the moves in the NBA while lazily tracking the Rockies in the standings. Dog days of summer aren't overflowing with sports choices but we do see the return of the Premier League on the horizon with America's best hope, Christian Pulisic, set to star for your favorite team, Chelsea. #goblues

Best thing we ate this week: While in Duluth we happened upon Sara's Table at the Chester Creek Cafe which is a farm to table place. Nate had fantastic paella while Leslie had halibut that was simply marvelous. If you are in the area, definitely check them out.


One last thing to read: Nate wrote a little something for the Norwegian American on Pete Buttigieg and his Norwegian speaking!


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