Week 3-4; Oscars, Arizona and Beef Bourguignon

Week 3-4; Oscars, Arizona and Beef Bourguignon

The Latest from Aktiv: Leslie just got back from a quick trip to Arizona and loved her time in Downtown Scottsdale with the sculptures, sun and retirees. We are busy placing orders for Fall/Winter 2020 (if you can believe that) and look forward to a weekend in the mountains being Aktiv!

What we are listening to: The Grammys are Sunday night so we are brushing up on our Lizzo, Bon Iver and Lana Del Ray before the big show. We are looking forward to collaborations and Alicia Keys as the host! What was your favorite album of the year? Our daughter's selection was "Lover" by Taylor Swift, we don't disagree.

Movies/TV: Oscar season is in full swing and we are mowing down the nominees. "1917" was spell-binding, "Knives Out" was so much fun, "Marriage Story" was depressing (which I guess was the point) and "The Irishman" was loooooonnnnnngggg, but worth it. We will be back with our picks but not before we see "Parasite".

Sports this week: The Super Bowl is set and while we are not Chiefs fans we have an appreciation for Mahomes. Also... No Patriots in the big game is worth celebrating! We will make our pick closer to the game, but we are leaning towards KC.

Best thing we ate this week: Beef Bourguignon in less than an hour??? The Instant Pot makes all things possible and it delivered a fantastic version of the French classic. We used this recipe and highly recommend it!

Best things we read this week: 1. If Hygge isn't for you, give Koselig a try; 2. Sleeping too soundly at night? Here is the Global Risks Report for 2020 published by the World Economic Forum #gulp; and 3. Looking for love and/or a ride to space?

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