Week 32-33: Back to School, Moscow and a Fantastic Restaurant Tour in Denver

Week 32-33: Back to School, Moscow and a Fantastic Restaurant Tour in Denver

The Latest from Aktiv: We have one kid back in school and the other starts next Monday. We love our kids but for someone who works at home, back to school days are just about the best around.

What we are reading: Nate is working his way through A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles and is enjoying the view into Russia during the 1910-20s. If you like the feel of "Downton Abbey" check it out.

Sports this week: The Premier League is back but no one told Chelsea as they stumbled out of the gates 0-4 to Manchester United. The NBA schedule was just released and Nate cannot wait. Preseason football continues and we have yet to watch a down....bring on the real football!

Best thing we ate this week: We hosted a Norwegian friend who currently lives in London and we gave him a culinary tour of Denver. It is hard to pick out what the best meal was but we thoroughly enjoyed steaks at Elways, Italian fine dining at Cattivella, Sushi at Hapa, New American cuisine at Tables and seafood at Humboldt. We also took him through a drive-through to get the full American experience.  

Best things we read this week: 1. Sustainability...what it really means; 2. A New York man was the only passenger on a Delta flight; and 3. We (read:Nate) are really excited for the Springsteen focused "Blinded by the Light" movie!

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