Week 4: Snow, Bodyguards and Moose!

Week 4: Snow, Bodyguards and Moose!

The Latest from Aktiv: We are busy placing orders for the spring and summer which is weird when it is snowing! We also had our first ever planning meeting and are very excited for what 2019 has in store. new lines, new styles and new adventures. Speaking of new, we will be at the Snow Show by Outdoor Retailer next week looking at whats coming for Fall-Winter 2019!

What we are streaming: We sped through the six-part, Golden-Globe winning, "Bodyguard" series on Netflix. The lead is played by Richard Madden, Rob Stark from "Game of Thrones". He has fully recovered from the Red Wedding! Suspenseful, relevant, almost impossible to stop watching once you start.

What we are listening to: Quirky rockers, Weezer, just released a cover record entitled "The Teal Album" which is a celebration of all the guilty pleasures from the 80s. We recommend you roll your jeans and turn it up! 

Best meal of the past week: Leslie roasted a turkey on Sunday which was paired with her sister's sweet potatoes = yum!

Sports matchup of the week: PRO BOWL!!!!! Or not, we are looking forward to the Warriors-Celts matchup on Saturday night. Nate witnessed the Warriors machine two weeks ago...and it was frightening. 

Best things we read this week: 1. Norway and Canada are squabbling about whose Moose is bigger.#sorry 2.The Academy Award nominations are out, you have four weeks to catch up before the Oscars! 3. The search for Planet Nine is ongoing in Hawaii (caution, this is a long read, but worth it!) Sorry Pluto!

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