Week 43: The latest from Aktiv

Week 43: The latest from Aktiv

The Latest from Aktiv: Leslie returned last night from 15 days in Europe. She hopskotched from Paris to Barcelona and throughout Greece before touching down in Denmark to visit with our dear friends at Moonchild Yoga Wear. Expect multiple travel blogs once she shakes the jetlag.

What we are listening to: Nate took Bekah to see Frank Turner this week so the Brit has been in heavy rotation. If you are unfamiliar with Frank, he crosses many genres but can best be described as emotive punk-folk. Give him a try.

Movies/TV: We readily admit that we watch the "Masked Singer" and look forward to the next episode after the World Series is over (which could be this weekend??). On the movie front, we are (im)patiently waiting for December 20th and "The Rise of Skywalker". 

Sports this week: THE NBA IS BACK!!!! We are very excited to see them running on the hardwood and while the Western Conference is arguably the best collection of talented teams ever....we like the look of the Nuggets.  In other news Chelsea has won six in a row (!!!!) and it appears that the Broncos are about to have a fire sale. The NBA and Premier League it is, then.

Best thing we ate this week: With Leslie out of the country, the kids and Nate tried our hand at homemade lasagna...huge success!

Best things we read this week: 1. Man makes beer in his own stomach (gross and cool???); 2. Bruce on the big screen; and, 3. Have we mentioned that the NBA is back...The Ringer had a fantastic preview collection.

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