Weeks 52-1: Happy New Year from Aktiv!!!

Weeks 52-1: Happy New Year from Aktiv!!!

Resolutions: Godt Nytt Ar!! (Happy New Year in Norwegian) We hope this finds you celebrating the new decade with a long list of resolutions. Ours include the standard; work out more, eat better...blah blah blah. We plan on cross-country skiing more and the early season snow totals should help us achieve that. As the year ends we reflect on the highlights of the past 52 weeks.

Excitement: On the business side, we have been thrilled to see the growth of Aktiv. We continue to add Vennegruppe members while expanding our selections. We have 21 brands from Norway, Denmark and Sweden and will be adding a few more in the coming months. The day to day upkeep is challenging but we really enjoy introducing these amazing products to American consumers. 

Motivation: That being said, we are always looking to improve so if you see areas that could be enhanced, please let us know! Email is best, aktiv@aktivstyle.com

On to our favorites of the year! At Aktiv we strive to share the best things we come across whether they are binged series, nail-biting games or perfect prose. When it comes to TV, there are just so many choices, it is difficult to pick the very best...but the shows we couldn't stop watching this year included: "Barry", "Fleabag" and "The Mandalorian". On the big screen, we thought "Endgame" delivered in a huge way, while "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" and "Knives Out" wowed us. We are going to give "The Rise of Skywalker" another run soon as it felt so dense that a second viewing may be needed to fully appreciate it.

Victories: 2019 was an amazing year for sports. From the US Women's Soccer team's victory in the World Cup (led by our hero, Megan Rapinoe) to the fantastic Final Four in Minneapolis and on to the amazing Wimbledon final between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, we were continually awed by the skill and perseverance of those athletes. For 2020, we are looking forward to more victories for our beloved Nuggets, Blue Devils, Avs, Chelsea FC and beleaguered Broncos...we will also continue to root for anyone playing the Patriots (go them!!!).

Exert, Explore, Exhale: We hope the coming year brings you peace and prosperity, however you define that, but, we implore you to get out there and see, do and experience all you can and take care of each other.



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