Week 7-8; Hockey Fiasco, Valentine's Day and the Crown!

Week 7-8; Hockey Fiasco, Valentine's Day and the Crown!

The Latest from Aktiv: We just finished a great weekend with friends centered around the NHL Stadium Series game between your Colorado Avalanche and the LA Kings at the Air Force Academy's Falcon Stadium.  While the atmosphere during the game was truly incredible, the logistics surrounding getting to and from the stadium were simply terrible, see here. We hopped in an Uber from our hotel in Colorado Springs 2.5 hours before puck drop to make the 15 mile trip only to come to a grinding halt outside the Air Force grounds. After 40 minutes of no movement, we bid farewell to our driver and walked the last 3.5 miles, arriving just in time for the National Anthem. Getting out was just as bad but some ingenious bargaining by Leslie got us in a car and on our way after only an hour of waiting...luckily we were bundled up in Aktiv's best so we didn't suffer.

What we are listening to: Nate is still putting the latest from Keane into heavy rotation as we have tickets to see them next month. Leslie is spinning her usual combination of Hozier, Brandi Carlile and First Aid Kit!

Movies/TV: We finally watched "Rush", the Formula One biopic from a few years ago and it was really good. On the TV side of things, we finally returned to "The Crown" and are rolling through the latest season. 

Sports this week: With the NBA All-Star Weekend in the rearview, the playoff push will be in full swing starting this weekend. Sticking with hoops, the Madness is not that far away, prepare accordingly. On the pitch, the Champions League has returned but the prospects of you Chelsea Football Club doing much are slim. 

Best thing we ate this week: Bulgogi!!!! Leslie and our daughter made it on Monday night...Delish. Second place was our surf and turf Valentine's Day that showcased the Barefoot Contessa's Shrimp Scampi with polenta!  Speaking of Valentine's Day, look who won it with this classy, timeless gift!

Best things we read this week: 1. I had never heard of the Elam Ending idea until the NBA All-Star Game....it lead to some of the most intense basketball ever; 2. New Batman footage; and 3. we loved reading about our beautiful bracelets from Julevu in the New York Times story, Echoes of Scandinavia.

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