Week 8: Orders, Oscars and Oslo

Week 8: Orders, Oscars and Oslo

The Latest from Aktiv: We are winding down the Autumn-Winter 19-20 ordering season while awaiting the arrival of our Spring-Summer lines. We are learning that there is no down time in retail! Seriously though, we are very excited to roll out all of these new items...in seven months. #patience #notpatient

What we are streaming: We are up to date on "True Detective" and looking forward to the finale! The family has started to stream "The Good Place" and (so far) everyone loves it. We are woefully behind on our Oscar nominated film watching so we are looking to squeeze in a few before Sunday's award show.

What we are listening to: Brandi Carlile and David Gray in heavy circulation while our kids have discovered the Crash Test Dummies. #MmmMmmMmmMmm

Best meal of the past week: Leslie made Jamie Oliver's Roasted Chicken in Milk. Not kosher, but sooooo delicious.

Sports matchup of the week: The NBA returns from the All Star Break with the Warriors v. the Beard (and the rest of the Rockets) on Saturday night. Sunday morning has all eyes on England as Liverpool and Manchester United meet in a return of the greatest rivalry in the UK while Manchester City and Chelsea battle it out for the League Cup and the first silverware of the season. #GoBlues

Best things we read this week: 1. A geography lesson on Scandinavia; 2. A fantastic look at kids sports and how to treat your young athlete; and, 3. A captivating new hotel has opened in Oslo.

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