Week 9: Gaga, Billions and Ziplining

The Latest from Aktiv: We are still recovering from the Gaga-Bradley duet on the Oscars....and we just watched it again.#rinseandrepeat. 

What we are streaming: We finished, "True Detective", it is well worth a watch.  With Purple and Roland finished for a while, we need a new show so we are giving "Billions" a spin. We will let you know!

What we are listening to: Movie night last week was "Bohemian Rhapsody" so we are all about Queen in our household right now. Oh...and someone might be playing a duet from "A Star is Born" into the ground. On top of all of that, Leslie has re-rediscovered the Dave Matthew Band and while we don't appear to be in danger of hearing "Grace is Gone" 12 times in a row like 15 years ago, there is a lot of jamming going on.

Sports matchup of the week: The biggest soccer match in the world is Saturday as Real Madrid takes on Barcelona. It is estimated that over 650 million people will tune in from around the globe to watch it! The Merseyside derby is also this weekend with Everton hoping to keep Liverpool in check. The NBA is entering the playoff stretch and Saturday night sees the Warriors pay a visit to (what we think is) the best balanced team in the East, the Philadelphia 76ers.

Best things we read this week: 1. This new Zipline near the Flam railway looks incredible; 2. We haven't thought about the Gaga-Bradley duet for about 45 seconds...so a refresher! and 3. Is there anything that Kate Middleton can't do???

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