Week Two of Social Distancing

Week Two of Social Distancing

Here we are... still at the house. Since we are an online business our days are still filled with work, we've just had two additional minor co-workers (aka children) whose contribution to the work week is to use up our data; but, we have also been:

Streaming: "Fighting With My Family" was a lot of fun, we revisited the last three Marvel movies and are keeping up with "Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist", "Better Call Saul" and the ultimate guilty pleasure-- "The Masked Singer". 

Eating: Nate tried making homemade pita (but baked it a little too long) and we have been returning to some of our favorite recipes, which we are posting to Instagram. Check out our page if you have a moment.

Being Aktiv: Not as easy as it was a month ago with multiple trips, including one to Scandinavia, one to the mountains to go skiing, and one to New Orleans postponed. But we have been shooting hoops at our home basket, gong on walks through the park, and taking turns on the Peloton. If you have one, give Nate a follow at #N8inthe5280....Leslie is DenverPetal.

Seriously, we have been impressed with the overall attitude shown by the world community. Sure, there are those that still speak without thinking but on balance it appears that most understand the gravity of the situation and the rationale behind social distancing. Good job to us!

On that note, one other thing we have enjoyed is watching the home concerts by some of our favorites:

First Aid Kit  (but girls...put the camera into landscape mode)

Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood singing "Shallow"

John Legend

Hozier....Leslie's favorite- and she's eager to point out that he sounded the best from his living room

and many more including the Cowboy Museum where they put their Head of Security in charge of Twitter and it is sweet and hilarious.

Have a good week and continue to be safe.





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