Weeks 17-20; Spring/Summer styles, Syttende Mai and SANDQVIST

Weeks 17-20; Spring/Summer styles, Syttende Mai and SANDQVIST

The Latest from Aktiv: We have been so busy that our Chronicle writing has had to take a back seat. Our Spring/Summer lines are rolling in and we are adding them to the website bit by bit. There is great stuff for the beach, lake, golf course, airplane, roadtrip...you get the idea. We are preparing to celebrate Syttende Mai (the 17th of May), Norway's constitution day and the biggest party on the Norwegian calendar. 

What we are streaming: We are still acting like Pilgrims and waiting to watch a show in real time with the rest of humanity. The series finale of "Game of Thrones" is this Sunday. Then we can go back to watching shows two and three episodes at a time like normal people.

What was the best meal of the week: Bacon and Pea Pasta by Jamie Oliver. Our son declared it one of our Top Ten Meals we make on a consistent basis. Stay tuned for the other nine...I guess?

Sports this week: The Avs/Nugs dual playoff runs came to a crashing halt last week so now we will watch the rest of the playoffs for the love of the game (or something). We are pulling for the Blues in the NHL and Toronto in the NBA.

Best things we read this week: 1. When in Norway, CAMP!; 2. We are comfortably nestled in the Chandler era of men's clothing styles-- VESTS ; and, 3. more seriously, the economics of college athletics under the NCAA were on trial last week in New York. #paytheplayers

Item of the week: The Stig Backpack by SANDQVIST takes minimalistic durability to the next level. Big enough to fit most laptops but far from boxy. We carry it in three distinct colors: Burgundy, Blue and Black.


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