What to Wear to Red Rocks 2024- Five Essential Items

What to Wear to Red Rocks 2024- Five Essential Items

One of the telltale signs that Spring is here and Summer is not far behind, is the beginning of the outdoor concert season. In Colorado, many make the trek to Morrison to see a show at Red Rocks Amphitheater in the foothills outside Denver.  

As anyone who has spent time on the Front Range in Colorado can tell you, the weather there is ever-changing and with Red Rocks being slightly elevated, dynamic changes are even more likely. Add to that the fact that the Red Rocks season now extends from March to November and you need to be prepared for anything.

1. Good Socks

Since every concert at Red Rocks begins with some sort of hike into the amphitheater, it is crucial that you have the right socks. We have found that a light wool (think hiking) sock is perfect  since it is breathable, comfortable and if the weather should change and moisture should start to fall, insulation for your feet even if they are wet. Current favorites are the Low sock by Ivanhoe and the Merino 10 Cushion Crew and the Ultra Light Quarter by Feetures in the wool blend category.

2. Wool T-Shirts

Wool is a fantastic material for varying and quickly changing temperatures. In the heat of summer, merino wool's breathability and wicking properties keep you as cool as the other side of the pillow. As your concert evening progresses and the temps drop, merino serves as an excellent base layer to throw a windbreaker or hoodie over.  Kari Traa has a gorgeous wool tee too, the Lucie which we love. Ivanhoe has a 100% Merino Tee and an undyed light wool sweater, the Beech. The Activist Tee by Houdini for Men and the Sanne Tee by Kari Traa are both excellent wool blends which deliver the technical attributes of a wool tee with even more mellowness. 

3. Windbreaker

It is always a good idea to keep one eye on the forecast but be aware, the weather can change from song to song. Snow can be seen throughout May and as early as the beginning of September while the summer heat produces intermittent showers and thunderstorms out of nowhere. One constant tends to be the wind. It is usually breezy in your seats with the wind seemingly hitting you from every direction. For that reason, we always bring a light shell with. A few current favorites are the Thale Shell by Kari Traa for women and the La Bise Shell by Elevenate for men .  Need more protection? The GTX II by Haglofs is wind and water proof and available for women. The Videy Shell by 66North for men will definitely get the job done with its wind and water proof membrane.


While a lot of your time at Red Rocks is spent standing and jamming you will find yourself sitting and chilling a good portion of the time. Whether it is during a heartfelt ballad or a tune the band is trying out for the first time, you will definitely find yourself situated on the unforgiving wood bench seats. For that reason, we always bring a Rumpl blanket for a cushion and if the temperature drops....insulation! We also pack a selection of Rumpl Beer Blankets to keep our beer cold.

5.Good pants/shorts

As mentioned above, each visit to Red Rocks begins with a hike into the amphitheater.  The hike's length and difficulty can be dictated where you park (if you drive) or where you arrive via a ride-share vehicle. If driving, we always recommend trying to park in the upper north lot, but that is the favored spot for locals so it fills up first. From a ride-sharing perspective, it is always easy to get dropped off but beware, the wait for your car post-concert can be looooooong. For all of this hiking, sitting, grooving, waiting we highly recommend bottoms built for movement. 

For most of the concert season, we opt for pants like the Wadi by Houdini for men and women . Looking for something a little different? The Ane Bib Pants fits the bill. As does the Jadar convertible pants/shorts for men. In the dog days of summer we will switch it to shorts like the Summit Shorts or the Amundsen Field Shorts for men and the Summit Shorts or the 5 Inch Field Short by Amundsen for women. Skorts can also be the best of both worlds and our favs this season are the Ane or the Gerd by Skhoop.


It wouldn't be a show without a little something extra at the end. This is a great time for the showstopper, an item sure to turn heads. For women it is definitely the Holmen poncho by We Norwegians which definitely gives off the summer concert vibes. For men, the Pace Flow Houdi by Houdini is a thin hoodie for dusky duets and dipping temps.

"Thank you very much, you are a beautiful audience."

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