You Gotta Be Shipping Me!

You Gotta Be Shipping Me!

Standard Caveat!!! We know that 2021 (and 2020 for that matter) brought real hardship and suffering to many people. We are fortunate that the world's strained economic climate only manifests itself in significant delays and missed orders...but still.

From a retailer's standpoint the gauntlet from October to the end of the year is the most exciting, stressful, anticipated and dreaded part of the year. This year is no different, except that it is completely different. While we have only been at this for 3 years, in the past, our Fall/Winter stock has all arrived in September. This year we have received at least a partial shipment from 7 of our 26 suppliers as of October 5th and many don't expect to deliver to us until late November. So that is bad. In addition, for those customers who order online outside of Colorado, shipping through UPS and the US Postal Service is more perilous than ever. When you get a shipping estimate at checkout, we would add two full days to it. Also, UPS has stopped updating its shipment tracking for many items, so it might seem that a package has stopped moving when in reality, UPS has simply stopped updating its reports. We think this will only get worse, so if you are ordering something for a gift we recommend ordering it ASAP.

Finally, many news outlets have stressed that quantities in items will simply be less this year and, basically, if you see something you like, you should get it as it will likely be gone soon. This is definitely true for us. We think that re-ordering items will be difficult to do (except for Ivanhoe!!) and receive them before the end of the year, so our inventory will be what we receive the first time. 

It isn't all bad news though. We are so proud to offer the strongest collection of Scandinavian clothing we have ever had. Our makers have truly outdone themselves and produced original, stylish and pragmatic clothing made for movement...or chilling out. We plan to roll out our favorites in a buying guide over the coming weeks but if you are looking for recommendations we always invite questions via email at or text at 303-481-2874

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