Northern Playground

Northern Playground


    Performance Base LayersTime to Get Cheeky!

    Northern Playground’s goal is to “Keep your ass warm and toxin free”. The Norwegian outdoor clothing brand founded in 2011 is focused on personal temperature control through two separate, but equally impressive, underwear and base/mid-layer lines.

    NP’s organic wool, organic wool and silk collection is comprised of pieces that function in every situation from the mountain to the office to the trail to the pub. The entirely organic collection is responsibly made in Europe and highlights a minimalist Scandinavian style with some Norwegian humor built in! This isn’t your grandparents’ wool, it is soft and comfortable next to your skin.

    I am heading outside and it is cold…will the clothes I'm wearing keep me warm enough, or on the flip side, am I going to be roasting? This is the inner dialogue most of us have when we are getting ready to head outdoors in the colder months. Whether it is to attack a mountain or support your favorite team, the last thing someone wants is a temperature extreme in a situation when you are helpless to change it. To combat this, Northern Playground listened to their own inner dialogue and launched their Zipwear® collection. The Zips cradle the user in Merino wool. Outfitted with carefully placed zippers, you can zip up when cold or zip down (or even off) when warm. After you give the Zipwear® line a try you can kiss your cold ass goodbye! As an added bonus, the Zipbra™ allows ladies to take their bra off without removing their outer shirt or sweater, pure magic! (Or, you can layer bras and take off the underneath one without exposing yourself.)

    These are perfect for cold weather tailgating, especially when your team plays indoors. Bundle up in your Zips, get your ‘gate on, unzip without having to take any of your other layers off, pop your unzipped clothing into your backpack or leave it in your truck before you head in for the game.

    The Zips are also great for summer hikes that can begin below freezing and end in the mid-70s, perfect for skiing and fantastic for long hours logged in ice rinks.

    While Northern Playground is a European brand, the sizing is very close to American, so if you are a Medium in US brands, a Medium in Northern Playground should fit nicely. If you are between sizes, it is always a good idea to go with the bigger size.