Denim with a conscience: Making the world better, one pair of jeans at a time.

    Perfect jeans must feel, fit and look great…otherwise, what is the point? This is the philosophy of reDEW8, founded in 2014, where denim is done with a long view towards the future. No corners are cut and environmental steps are taken at every turn. On top of that, reDEW8 contributes 25% of all profits to projects designed to foster environmental responsibility and sustainability.

    Oh, and did we mention that their jeans are awesome? Constructed for the long haul, yet comfortable with timeless colors and cuts, these will be the bedrock of your wardrobe for years to come.

    While reDEW8 doesn’t designate hard lines between men’s and women’s jeans, the sizing and cuts tend towards one side or the other but they are open and available for all!

    For men, the Ravin are a perfect, every-day denim in stunning colors that deliver the style of a straight leg jean with the comfort of a relaxed fit. The Råk is a skinny jean that has so much built in stretch that it feels like you are wearing (shhhh…) sweat pants.

    For women, the Örn has the stretch of the Råk with a more feminine cut, a true skinny jean. The Bjork is a straight jean with a heavier construction and continued comfort and fit.

    We are carrying many different sizes, feel free to email us with questions about what would be the right jean for you at