Committed to renewable energy, Seger is the green leader in Sweden. Their entire operation is operated by wind power and they conscientiously strive to minimize their environmental impact, even down to recycling any waste yarn or fabric. In addition, rather than using petroleum-based products on their machines to reduce friction, they use mineral oil. Their current facility is located mere meters away from where the original home-based business started.

    We had the distinct pleasure of touring Seger's production facility. Located in the green, rolling hills of Västra Götaland County, this is a family-owned business, started in 1947, when an industrious 16-year-old started knitting socks and hats. I’m not so certain he realized he would become the patriarch of the Segerqvist family! Three-quarters of a century later his grandchildren are keeping the family tradition going strong. Seger means victory in Swedish, and yes, it is a victory to bring this wonderful brand to the US!

    When we visited we were able to see the attention to detail that went into their sock productionamazing. They stress test the socks to make sure that they are providing the best sock possible. We have brought you some of the socks that we think will fit your lifestyle.

    For hiking or everyday use, we choose the Trekking Midweight Wool Socks. We can’t stress enough the difference having a mix of wool and synthetic materials will make to your feet. The wool absorbs moisture, and the sock itself features a left and right foot so that you don’t have the excess fabric or bunching that can cause discomfort. You won’t realize what you’ve been missing until you try these socks! Of course, being based in Colorado we needed ski socks. Shop Seger’s Alpine Thin Compression sock with slight padding at the shin, or the Alpine Mid Weight Advance Socks for a little bit more all-around cushion and additional cushioning at the shin. I prefer the Thin, others like a bit more heftyou get to choose!

    When we first sat in Seger’s conference room what grabbed my attention were the hats! Natural colors that reflect the beauty of the wool that they were made of in styles that go from the street to the ski hill. The Denim Watch cap is a workhorse of style and practicality. The Mountain Eco Beanie, composed of wool and bamboo is the perfect addition to any cold-weather outfit.

    Keep your feet and head warmtry Seger!