whale swimming in ocean

whale swimming in ocean 

We all need it. A lot of it, as it turns out. Most of us have heard that an adult should drink at least eight 8 oz cups of water a day, the 8x8 principle. That is roughly a half-gallon of H₂O every day.

Surveys conclude that Americans hit their hydration goals but not without causing real damage. Last year nearly 50 Billion (with a capital B) plastic bottles of water were consumed in the United States with a paltry recycling rate of 23%. The un-recycled bottles end up adding two million tons to the nation’s landfills and tragically some find their way into the oceans where they kill 1.1 million marine creatures annually, and have created the Pacific trash gyre. (The picture above is by Laura Bombier, one of reDEW8's reACTIVISTS committed to improving the environment.)

In addition, it takes 17 million barrels of oil to produce a year’s worth of plastic water bottles in the United States. That amount of oil could fuel 1.3 million cars for a year.

But you are not helpless, reusable water bottle usage has seen significant gains over the past decade with positive environmental impacts. For every person who changes to a reusable water bottle 217 less plastic bottles find their way into a landfill on a yearly basis. That person also saves, on average, $255 a year by not paying for plastic water bottles.

At Aktiv, we want our customers to join this growing movement so we have produced a beautiful stainless steel 16 ounce water bottle. It is built to be mobile and is perfect for the gym, plane, car or hiking trail. It keeps cold liquids cold and hot liquids (coffee, anyone?) hot for longer than you would expect. Try for a day, then maybe one more day, and then another and feel a bit better about the world.

Pick up your Aktiv Hydro Soul Water Bottle. Or for free when you purchase $500 or more!

aktiv hydro soul water bottle



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